Branching Out

Branching Out

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This blog has been created to complement Branch of Hope Counseling, LLC, which is a new counseling practice in the Greenville, SC area. Currently, Branch of Hope Counseling is solely operated by Courtney Howard, LISW-CP.


Courtney Howard earned her B.S. in Psychology and Counseling and then earned her MSW, Master’s degree in Social Work with focus on Individuals and Families. She is currently a Licensed Independent Social Worker-Clinical Practice (LISW-CP). She has been working full-time for several years with a public mental health clinic as a child & adolescent counselor, and now is beginning to serve children, adolescents, women, and families through private practice with Branch of Hope.


Although Branch of Hope currently only consists of one counselor, but there are hopes to grow and 'branch out' to even more people and more specialties. This is Branch of Hope Counseling's motto is "Reach for True Hope and Renewed Strength" because our main purpose is to help individuals and families find hope and strength during troubling times of life.


Branch of Hope Counseling believes that people are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. Her goal is to help people overcome their challenges, find meaning and joy in life, and become mentally and emotionally healthy individuals. She will keep a holistic perspective in your work together because she believes that the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual all work together to form a whole, healthy person.  Although her approach to counseling recognizes that the spiritual aspects of people are deeply connected to their overall mental, emotional, and physical health, her counseling methods are open to those who do not adhere to Christian beliefs. She considers it an honor and privilege to have clients trust her with the difficulties of their lives. Even if you hold to differing beliefs, she will have high regard for you as a person without judgment. Her methods of therapy have been effective with a variety of people and issues.


The idea of going to counseling can seem scary to some; or maybe it's something you want but think you can't afford or can't make time for right now. I understand all of these concerns. Sometimes the timing just isn't right but sometimes that can become an excuse and lead us to regrets. Fear also takes control of our lives in many ways and leaves us feeling more hopeless and ashamed. Counseling is not a magical wand, but those who seek and truly put effort into counseling, most often see very positive results.


Just like any business, Branch of Hope has costs associated and needs to be able to sustain itself; that is a necessary part of any service. Even so, and it may sound cliche, but Branch of Hope was only created due to a deep desire to serve others and see positive change in their lives.


If counseling is something you have been considering, this is a great time and place to take the step as I can offer very affordable prices and flexible times as I build this new practice.


Let's "Branch Out" together.




Branch of Hope Counseling, LLC

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